- About the Book -

«The creative power originating from God is exactly AllatRa»   / Rigden Djappo /
«The Eternal Wisdom allows man to transform himself spiritually, to be aware of the hidden essence of past and future events»   / Anastasia Novykh /

The Book of books...
The past, the present and the future of the human civilization have fit into its pages.
This priceless pearl of the primordial knowledge removes the cloak from all mysteries of the material world.
The Primordial Knowledge about life and death, about the nature of soul, and the essence of human sojourn on the Earth. The Knowledge means neither “property” nor “one’s own mental conclusion”, but the Wisdom from above, passing through ages.
It is the Wisdom being the Open Gate for entering that marvellous supreme state of spirituality,
through which there comes the insight from the One Who created everything. It’s the Wisdom that has always been, always is and will be,
even when the memory of its human bearers vanishes in the dust of ages.
This is the book which spiritually elevates everyone who is in touch with it...
which opens a way to the true Freedom and spiritual liberation.
The Book of books...


Cry of an Angel Clad in Clothes...

- Contents -

➢   Sensations in physics, psychology, medicine, archaeology and other sciences
➢   Structure and formation of the Universe
➢   Astration
➢   The matter, its properties
➢   Parallel worlds, dimensions
➢   Characteristics of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th dimensions
➢   Position of the three-dimensional space inhabitant
➢   Human brain, structure of the brain
➢   The history of ancient Kiev
➢   Emblems and heraldry
➢   Sacral signs and symbols
➢   Signs in ancient cultures and civilizations
➢   Faith and religion (Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism...)
➢   The shocking truth about political and religious systems
➢   Leaders of the past and the present
➢   Human life on earth and its real sense
➢   Physical death and subsequent existence of the personality
➢   The God’s Judgement
➢   The genuine mystery of reincarnation
➢   Nature of the human Soul (a photograph of the Soul, first published! )
➢   Enlightenment and its veritable mechanism
➢   Human energy structure in various dimensions
➢   Four Aspects of the human being, complete description, meditations
➢   Records of the human Aspects in ancient cultures
➢   The Animal Mind
➢   Spiritual and animal nature within the human being
➢   Animal nature tricks and fighting with the animal nature
➢   Importance and essence of the human choice
➢   The will and the victory over oneself and one’s animal nature
➢   Mystery of the Holy Grail
➢   Rigden Djappo’s parables
➢   Wizards, magicians, healers, psychics ...
➢   Prophecies and predictions about the Crossroads time
➢   Model of the future human civilization
➢   Meditation techniques, questions and answers
➢   and many, many more...

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